InglesLas artes del lenguaje / inglés se enfocarán en lectura, escritura y comunicación oral. Los estudiantes estarán expuestos a todos los géneros de escritura y lectura.


Grado 9      Introducción a la literatura y composición

Grado 10   Literatura y composición americanas


Grado 11   Literatura, lenguaje y retórica Colocación avanzada (AP) Idioma y Composición

Grado 12   Literatura y Análisis Crítico Colocación avanzada (AP) Literatura y Composición





El programa de matemáticas se centrará en la resolución de problemas matemáticos y el razonamiento lógico utilizando Core-Plus Mathematics para mejorar la comprensión a través de contextos de la vida real.


Algebra 1 


Algebra II 


Cálculo de Colocación Avanzada (AP)

Estadísticas de colocación avanzada (AP)

Educación financiera


Todos los cursos de ciencias se basan en la investigación y los estándares utilizando los Estándares de Ciencias de la Siguiente Generación e incluirá investigaciones y expediciones.


Fundación de Física

Química ambiental


EEP Biology (Rhode Island College) 111

EEP Biology (Rhode Island College) 112

Ciencia medioambiental

Rhode Island Ecology

Ambiente y sociedad




Al proporcionar una base en la cultura e historia occidental y mundial, los estudiantes leerán analíticamente, escribirán efectivamente, y hablar con confianza y. Los estudiantes estarán expuestos a eventos actuales y pasados, locales y problemas globales, y tienen oportunidades de participar en los sistemas de gobierno locales.


Historia mundial

Historia de estados unidos

Historia del siglo XXI

Frente a la historia y a nosotros mismos

Ciencias económicas


Courses are aligned with the National Physical Education and Health curriculum. Instruction in

adventure education will also be integrated.


Wellness, Health, and Athletics I to IV


Based on the Expeditionary learning model, craftsmanship is one of the most important components

to quality work.  The fine arts program will emphasize the performing and visual arts.  


ART: 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Art, Drama, Studio Art, 

Early Enrollment (EEP) Art and Nature (Rhode Island College)

MUSIC: Foundation of Music, Survey of Music, 

Early Enrollment (EEP) Survey of Music (Rhode Island College)

DIGITAL MEDIA and Photography




Spanish I-IV  National Language Exam Option

German I-IV  National Language Exam Option

American Sign Language I-II


All students take part in the crew program at the Greene School. Crew is designed to provide students with a daily opportunity to interact with grade-level peers and a crew leader. Crew groups are used to facilitate close relationships.


The Crew Program has several goals.

  1. To build community among students in order to promote a positive peer culture

  2. To provide academic advising and coaching

  3. To provide support for transitions to and from high school including post-secondary goal setting and planning

  4. To enhance communication and involvement with parents

  5. To provide a democratic structure for student governance.


Students are assigned to groups and paired with a crew leader. Crew meets for a total of 90 minutes per week. Crew leaders are expected to take a sincere interest in each of their Crew members and act as his/her advisor and mentor. Providing support and building relationships are the two most important aspects of this role.



Intensives are courses lasting for 5 full school days, which are offered 2 to 4 weeks after the close of the first semester.  This “mini course" is a short, intense opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a variety of learning experiences. Students participate in an in-depth study of a special topic (elective intensives).

ENRICHMENT INTENSIVES are offered after the close of the first semester.  Topics for these intensives are identified by faculty and students. Students who are not at risk of failing and who have strong work habits select the intensive that is of most interest to them.



An honors option is available for core courses either through advanced work or independent study.


Two of three requirements must be met:

•  3.5 (B+) or above average in the subject area the year previous
•  Teacher recommendation
•  Parent/student contract



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